Fildebrandt proposes Alberta Advantage Tax Guarantee Act

Published on July 04, 2017

CALGARY, AB: Derek Fildebrandt and United Liberty (UL) released a suite of tax policies today that would constitute the largest tax cut in the history of Alberta and guarantee that Alberta has the lowest taxes in Canada, by law.

“Passing the Alberta Advantage Tax Guarantee (AATG) Act in 2019 would send the strongest possible signal that the NDP are not only gone, but that Alberta’s next government means to chart an entirely new and more optimistic course for the prosperity of Alberta,” said Fildebrandt.

“We will make it the law that upon balancing the budget, that Alberta will always have the lowest business and personal income taxes in Canada. Period. The Alberta Advantage Tax Guarantee will post an ‘Open for Business’ sign for the world to see that will attract investment, skilled labour, and high earners to pay their taxes here.” 

The AATG Act would require by law that Alberta have the lowest personal, corporate, small business, and carbon taxes in Canada. Under the AATG, businesses or individuals located in Alberta who can prove to the Canada Revenue Agency that that they would pay lower basic tax rates in another Canadian jurisdiction would be reimbursed by the Alberta Treasury for the difference. The AATG would come into force after the budget is balanced.

The Corporate Income Tax (CIT) would see an immediate reduction from 12 per cent to 11 per cent to match BC’s rate, with a commitment to reduce the CIT to 10 per cent after the budget is balanced.

The Small Business Tax (SBT) would be abolished upon balancing the budget to match Manitoba’s 0 per cent.

The Personal Income Tax (PIT) would be cut into a 10 per cent, single-rate flat tax upon balancing the budget. The Carbon Tax would be immediately repealed as the first act of a new United Conservative government.

LINK: Read the full policy and costing for the Lowest Tax Guarantee here.