Fildebrandt blasts NDP race and gender quotas on businesses

Published on May 28, 2018

Today, Independent-Conservative MLA Derek Fildebrandt blasted the NDP’s gender and race based tax credits in Bill 2. Fildebrandt called out the NDP during Question Period today, after moving the bill be scraped last week but being voted down by the NDP and UCP.

“Race and gender quotas are about achieving equality of outcomes and not about achieving equality of opportunity. They will not increase economic prosperity but will pit one group against another as people are lumped together based on their gender and the colour of their skin”

“Government and political parties might regularly engage in gender and race quotas but until this bill hiring and firing in the private sector has been exclusively based on merit. Someone born into a poor broken family but who happens to not be one of the favoured groups under this bill is no more privileged than any of the groups it purports to help.”