Fildebrandt calls on NDP to expand the mandate of Opioid Emergency Response Commission

Published on November 01, 2017


EDMONTON, AB: Today Strathmore-Brooks MLA Derek Fildebrandt called on the NDP to expand the mandate of the Opioid Emergency Response Commission after it released the minutes of their recent meetings.

On opioid dependency treatment it states, “While the accessibility of treatment is a value, the proposal was deemed out of scope for the mandate of the Commission.”

Fildebrandt pressed the government in the legislature to support opioid youth treatment and addictions during Question Period today:

“I have seen first-hand the devastation the opioid crisis is causing in rural communities.  I represent a teenager in a village near Brooks who became addicted to opioids after an injury. His family had to send him out of province for treatment at a cost of $18,000. They have not asked the government for a penny to cover their costs, but have pleaded with me to fight to ensure other addicted youth have the help that they need.”

“The availability and accessibility of opioid dependency treatment and detox must become a priority of the NDP and by extension the Opioid Emergency Response Commission” said Fildebrandt. “Access to treatment is the surest way to ensure that we don’t see another 94 Albertans die before Christmas."