Fildebrandt Launches United Liberty to Support Unity, New Conservatism

Published on June 22, 2017

STRATHMORE, AB: At a Wildrose-PC unification town hall meeting in Strathmore Thursday evening, Strathmore-Brooks MLA Derek Fildebrandt announced the launch of United Liberty. United Liberty is a new group dedicated to supporting the unification of the Wildrose and PC parties and promoting liberty-conservative principles & candidates in the new United Conservative Party.

"First things first, we need to get a ‘yes’ to unity from grassroots Wildrose and PC members," said Fildebrandt. "We should not unify for the sake of power, but for the sake of our principles and our values, and for the future of Alberta. A new, United Conservative Party should be bold and forward looking, proud of what it stands for, and not afraid of what the politically correct defenders of the NDP think."

Over the coming weeks, Fildebrandt will release policies that he intends to put forward to the membership of the proposed United Conservative Party at its first convention.

"The policies of a new party should be determined by its grassroots members. We will be putting forward bold and serious proposals for their consideration as we move forward with the creation of a new party," said Fildebrandt.

"A new and United Conservative Party should embrace 21st Century conservatism. A new, liberty-conservatism that limits the role of government in both the economic and the social spheres, that respects the right of the individual to live their life however they choose so long as they do not harm anyone else."

"Over the coming months we will be putting forward new, bold policy proposals for a new United Conservative Party to consider. If I can see those values strongly reflected in someone else, I will consider supporting them, but if not, I will be prepared to be the vehicle for that new conservatism."

Fildebrandt concluded, "Millennials will be the single largest voting cohort in the next election, and if conservatives want to win them over, we will need to be more than the party of the good-old-days. We need to be the party of freedom."