Fildebrandt Only Conservative to Stand Against NDP on Bill 9, Bill 2

Published on May 30, 2018

EDMONTON, AB: Today Independent-Conservative MLA Derek Fildebrandt was again the only MLA in the legislature to fight against the NDP’s Bill 9 and Bill 2. 

Bill 9 passed today after more than 15 votes.  Fildebrandt was the lone conservative to show up and debate, and UCP MLAs were ordered to refrain from debate and leave the chamber before every vote. 

“It can feel a bit like manning the Alamo being the only conservative to actually show up and fight the NDP when they attack free speech, but I am the only conservative not bound by a party whip and so it’s my job to do it. 

On several occasions, both the NDP and UCP joined together to vote against motions by Fildebrandt to remove race and gender quotas from Bill 2. The bill would give subsidies to businesses to meet racial and gender quotas prescribed by the government. 

“I cannot think of a more despicable idea than the government putting people into categories based on their sex and colour of their skin, and paying them differently for it. I am not surprised to see support for this from the NDP, but I have no idea how the UCP can look themselves in the mirror when they support it as well. I don’t know what happened to the principled conservative party that I thought that we were creating a year ago.”