Fildebrandt only MLA to stand up for free speech in buffer zone debate

Published on May 03, 2018

Today Independent-Conservative MLA Derek Fildebrandt was the only conservative in the Legislature to debate and vote on the NDP’s Bill 9.

During the debate, Fildebrandt tabled a motion to revamp the bill to better balance the rights of women accessing abortion services to be free from harassment, and the freedom of expression and assembly being curtailed by the legislation.

“Every MLA has a duty to show up for work and debate and vote on the issues put before us, even when it is not politically convenient. I will continue to put forward reasonable amendments to this bill throughout the coming days”.

“I may strongly disagree with how these protestors conduct themselves, but any bill that would curtail how and where people can protest, should not single out any one group, but apply equally to everyone”.