Fildebrandt proposes Worker’s Choice policy

Published on July 27, 2017

CALGARY, AB: Today Derek Fildebrandt outlined the United Liberty (UL) strategy to protect the individual rights and freedoms of individual workers under Alberta’s labour laws.


The Worker’s Choice policy will strengthen the rights of individuals to form, join, or leave unions, making union membership a voluntary decision between a worker and his or her employer. Workers who wish to join a union may freely do so, and those who wish to opt out of a union may freely do so, so long as membership is not a condition of employment.


“Free men and free women have the fundamental rights to association or non-association, as well as the right to make that choice as an individual, without coercion from government, employers or union bosses,” said Fildebrandt. “These changes that we are proposing will respect worker’s choices to join or not join a union, and make unions more accountable to their members.”


United Liberty’s Worker’s Choice policy also includes measures to ensure:
• Payment of dues will not be compelled by a union and will only be collected with the consent of the worker (unless required in a collective agreement),
• Card-check certification is repealed and the secret ballot restored for all union certification applications,
• Spending of union dues is limited to the functions of collective bargaining and administration,
• Full union financial disclosure will be provided annually to all union members who have paid their dues,
• Picketing will not be allowed to restrict access to businesses, workplaces, or private property,
• ‘Reverse onus’ provisions under the Labour Relations Code will be ended,
• Professional associations and unions are independent of each other, and
• First-contract arbitration is removed from the Labour Relations Code. 


“I believe that unions have a valuable role in our modern economy as voluntary associations of individuals coming together to bargain collectively,” said Fildebrandt. “The changes outlined in our Worker’s Choice policy are designed to strengthen the consensual bond between union leadership and individual workers.”


Read the United Liberty Worker’s Choice policy in greater detail here.