NDP lose once again on illegal beer tax

Published on June 11, 2018

STRATHMORE, AB: The NDP have lost yet another court challenge on their illegal beer tax with a ruling from the Agreement on Internal today. The NDP originally brought in a direct tariff on non-Alberta beers, but was quickly shot down in court. The NDP then raised all beer taxes with a matching rebate for Alberta brewers, leaving in place a defacto tariff. 

Since 2015 Independent-Conservative MLA Derek Fildebrandt has repeatedly taken NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci to task for his haphazard, changing and illegal positions on the beer tax.

"The NDP have now subjected Alberta's brewers and beer drinkers to three radically different regulatory regimes in less than three years," said Fildebrandt. "We have warned the NDP almost daily that it is obviously illegal to place tariffs on non-Alberta Canadian products, but they have refused to listen. Now, Alberta brewers face more uncertainty, Alberta beer drinkers have paid millions in illegal beer taxes, and Alberta taxpayers now face lawsuits from businesses that have been wronged by this policy."

"It's time for a simple free beer trade policy in Alberta that is good for brewers, and beer drinkers alike."