NDP & UCP vote together for gender and racial quotas in corporate welfare

Published on May 17, 2018

Edmonton, AB - Today Independent - Conservative MLA Derek Fildebrandt tabled a motion in the legislature to scrap the NDP’s Bill 2. The bill would cost taxpayers millions of dollars for corporate welfare programs that are largely structured around paying businesses for meeting the government’s gender and racial quotas. 

Corporate welfare is bad economic policy. Gender and racial quotas are bad economic, and social policy,” said Fildebrandt. “Jobs should only ever be filled on the basis of merit. Race and gender should have absolutely nothing to do with it. It is bad enough when governments and political parties engage in quotas internally, but it beyond the pale to require that private sector businesses engage in it as a requirement for cash handouts.” 

The NDP and UCP both voted for gender and racial quotas in support of corporate welfare.