New UCP Leader, New Constituency Boundaries, New Session

Published on November 02, 2017


Things are not boring in Alberta politics right now and as your MLA, I want to keep you as up-to-date as possible.

On October 28th, grassroots members of the United Conservative Party (UCP), which was created through a merger of the Wildrose and PC parties, elected as our first leader Jason Kenney. As you may know, I strongly supported Jason Kenney’s bid to lead the UCP and believe that he has what it takes not just to defeat the NDP, but to restore and renew the Alberta Advantage.

Leadership races are often a messy business – as I found out personally – but in the end Jason earned a strong mandate with 61% of eligible voter supporting him as UCP leader.

I will be working with Jason and the UCP Caucus to hold the NDP accountable in the new fall session of the Legislature.

 New (Proposed) Constituency Boundaries

The Electoral Boundary Commission has released its final report. This Commission is made up of individuals appointed by the NDP and is proposing to completely change the way our region is represented in the next election. They want to take three seats away from rural Albertans, and completely redraw the map.

They want to divide our constituency of Strathmore-Brooks into five different constituencies. Brooks would be attached to the northern-half of Medicine Hat, and Strathmore would be linked with Chestermere.

Additionally, parts of Wheatland County would be severed from each other.  Some rural areas north-east of Strathmore would become part of the City of Airdrie. The area around Hussar, Standard and Rockyford would become party of the Olds, Didsbury and Three-Hills constituency. Gleichen and Namaka would be in a gerrymandered constituency that twists and turns its way all the way down to the Montana border. The remainder would stay with Chestermere-Strathmore.

This will vastly water-down the voices of constituents in Wheatland County.

While I respect the need to update electoral boundaries from time-to-time as populations change, what they are proposing is sloppy and arbitrary, and is bad for the people of Strathmore-Brooks and neighboring communities.

The report will now come before the Legislature this fall for ratification or rejection. I will stand against it.

 New Session

In addition to new electoral boundaries, the NDP plan to introduce a wide range of bills during the fall session of the Legislature. I will keep you updated on these bills and how they will impact all of us.

I am dedicated to continuing to fight for the issues important to you, matters like our hospital upgrades, youth drug addiction treatment and the Bio-Cycle site.  That is what you elected me to do and that is what I will do each and everyday.

If you want to contact me to discuss issues of concerns to you, please email or call my office to book a coffee with me at 403-934-4400 or

 Derek Fildebrandt, MLA for Strathmore-Brooks