Fildebrandt proposes to rollback the nanny state

Published on June 27, 2017

CALGARY, AB: Derek Fildebrandt and United Liberty (UL) are proposing a series of policies designed to rollback the nanny state.

“It is not the legitimate role of the government to protect self-sufficient adults from themselves,” said Fildebrandt. “We are proposing to rollback the nanny state and have a government that treats adults like adults.”



On changes to alcohol regulation and marijuana laws:

“I don’t believe that people should be charged for smoking pot in the privacy of their own home, or drinking a glass of wine at a picnic in the park,” said Fildebrandt.

On refocusing flavored tobacco ban on products targeting minors:

“Unless the government is prepared to prohibit all tobacco whatsoever, it has no business deciding which flavor of tobacco is appropriate or not, unless it is clearly targeted towards minors,” said Fildebrandt.



United Liberty, an organization dedicated to the unification of conservative parties in Alberta and supports liberty-conservative policies and candidates, was formally introduced by Fildebrandt, June 22.

Fildebrandt and UL are proposing new policies for the consideration of grassroots members of the proposed United Conservative Party at its founding convention. UL supports the grassroots policy process and will work to have policies approved through it.


LINK: Read the full policy online here.