RELEASE: Fildebrandt Tables Alternative Balanced Budget Plan

Published on March 21, 2018

EDMONTON, AB: Today Strathmore-Brooks MLA Derek Fildebrandt tabled an alternative budget in the legislature which would see the operating budget balanced by 2019-20 and the consolidated budget balanced by 2020-21. 

The full balanced budget plan can be found HERE

"Successive Alberta governments under five premiers have run deficits and presented no plan to return to balance," said Fildebrandt. "Today I have put forward a plan for the consideration of my colleagues in all parties that would stop the endless borrowing and begin to make Alberta paid in full again."

"This plan would see modest spending cuts followed by a period of restraint to allow for economic growth to close the gap. Everyone in government - MLAs on down - needs to be a part of the solution. That is why our plan includes a 5% pay cut for MLAs and the core government public service and 3% for the broader public service. MLAs will have a chance to show leadership on balancing the budget when they vote on this Motion 502 in the legislature in the coming weeks."

"Reducing spending need not impact key public services in a material way, but we are facing a serious fiscal challenge, and we would not be being honest with the people that we serve if we sugar coat it for them."

Summary of cost cutting measures

  • Abolish the NDP’s carbon tax and related spending programs
  • Implement a 5% reduction in core government staff costs – $169 million
  • Implement a 3% reduction in non-core government staff costs – $532 million
  • Implement a 5% rollback of all government ministry budgets - $27 million
  • Abolish the Economic Development and Trade Ministry - $429 million
  • Extend the three year capital plan to four years


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