RELEASE: Fildebrandt To Put Forward Motion to Cut MLA Pay

Published on March 07, 2018

EDMONTON, AB: Today Strathmore-Brooks MLA Derek Fildebrandt announced that he will put forward a private members motion in the Legislature to cut all MLA pay by 5 per cent until the budget is balanced.

“After a decade of deficits, with no credible plan in sight to return to a balanced budget, all MLAs need to show leadership; that is why I put forward a motion to cut our salaries by 5 per cent until such a time that the budget is balanced.”

“MLAs are well paid by taxpayers, and one of our primary duties is to responsibly manage Alberta’s finances. Tying this pay cut to successfully balancing the budget will provide an incentive to get the job done.”

“I will reach out to MLAs on both sides of the house to seek multi-partisan support for this motion. I believe my colleagues will show the leadership that it is necessary to get the cost of government under control.”

“While this Motion does not prescribe further actions to balance the budget, it is my hope that it will give the government the moral authority to reduce government expenditures more broadly.”


Reductions in pay by the numbers:








Ministers, Speaker and Leader of the Opposition




$ 270,504.00