Statement from Fildebrandt on UCP Leadership & Policy Development

Published on August 08, 2017

CALGARY, AB: Today Derek Fildebrandt released the following statement:


“There is an appetite for new leadership and for a new generation to step forward in the United Conservative Party (UCP).”


“For the last two years, I have traveled Alberta campaigning for conservative unification – against the wishes of the powers that be within the Wildrose and PC parties for most of that time. Now that unification has succeeded, I want to focus on building our new party into a vehicle for ideas, not just power.” 

“I am thankful and honoured by the support offered by many UCP members encouraging me to seek the leadership of our new party. I have carefully considered the best course of action moving forward, and I have decided that I will not seek the leadership of the UCP.”


Over the coming months I want to focus on policy development and ensuring that our new party is founded on a strong foundation of fiscal responsibility, personal liberty, and reasserting Alberta’s place of leadership in Canada. In partnership with the United Liberty Foundation, I will continue to put forward policy proposals for the consideration of grassroots UCP members at our first convention.”


“I will challenge leadership candidates to take firm stances on their own views on policy, but strongly discourage candidates from attempting to highjack policy as the domain of the leader, and not the grassroots.” 


ABOUT UNITED LIBERTY: United Liberty is an organization dedicated to the unification of Alberta’s two conservative parties and supporting liberty-conservative policies and candidates. UL was launched by Derek Fildebrandt on June 22nd, 2017 and is putting forward new policies for the consideration of grassroots members of the proposed United Conservative Party at its founding convention. UL supports the grassroots policy process and will work to have policies approved through it.


For more information, contact:


Philip Schuman, Media Coordinator

United Liberty

Cell: 403.869.5921