On July 22, Wildrose and the PCAA will vote on a special resolution to unify the two parties as the United Conservative Party.

The PC Party must achieve over 50% in favor and the Wildrose 75% in favor in order for the Unity resolution to pass. 

Only those who are members before each party's respective deadline may cast a ballot in this very important vote. As Wildrose has such a large percentage threshold for the resolution to pass, it is imperative that those who support unity join in order to cast their ballot.


Membership purchase deadline to vote: Saturday, July 8th, 11:59pm

Date of vote: Saturday, July 22, 2017, 9:30am - 4:00pm

You can attend the Special General Meeting in person at the Radisson Hotel, Red Deer – 6500 67th Street, or online at unityvote.wildrose.ca 

How to vote: There are two ways to vote on July 22nd:

You must have your PIN to vote.  There will be no paper ballots (even in person) - the unity vote is entirely electronic.

For more information on the voting process, please check out the Unity FAQ and make your plans to vote ASAP.



Membership purchase deadline to vote: Wednesday, July 12th, 11:59pm

Date of vote: Thursday, July 20 - Saturday, July 22, 2017

How to vote: You must register to vote by July 17, 2017. Go to www.pcalberta.org/register. You must have your PC Membership number to register. If you encounter difficulties, please call the party at 1-800-263-3408.

You will get to select how you receive your voting pin, by email or phone call. Once you receive your pin, you will use it to vote between 8am on July 20th and 6pm on July 22nd at referendum.pcalberta.com.



Both parties reached a full agreement in principle as well as a set of proposed bylaws for the United Conservative Party. We have attached the documents here.

Read the full Agreement in Principle HERE.

Read the proposed bylaws for the new party HERE.

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